May Day Celebration

May Day Image w Fairy
Hanging a May Basket on the Door  Clara Burd (1873-1933)

The neighborhood where I grew up had great fun delivering May baskets on May Day. After school we set to work, either weaving baskets from construction paper or turning cottage cheese containers, strawberry baskets, or whatever we could find into baskets. The spring flowers in my mother’s garden were picked, violets plucked from the yard, & blooming shrubs gave up branches for our May Day offerings. Mom popped corn & someone would scurry up town to buy wrapped candies, usually Hershey minis or something similar. Once the baskets were put together, off we’d go to hang them on the door knobs of neighbors, knock loudly, & run laughing so the receiver would not discover who made the delivery. It was such fun.

My sister & I continued the tradition with our children, delivering May baskets to unsuspecting friends & relatives. Then, I opened a little flower & herb shop on the farm where I lived. Now I had the chance to dive whole-heartedly into the tradition I loved so well with a May Day Celebration. A May pole was erected outside the shop with ribbons flowing in the wind & a circlet of flowers crowning the top. Fairies came to visit, flower & herb plants were sold, classes were held, while visitors munched on fairy cakes & Mai bowle.  Celebrating Earth’s renewal with ancient symbolism & history satisfied me to the core.

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Why not surprise a special someone with a May basket today? Just download the 8 inch circle image & follow the directions.

May Basket Violets_edited-1

Click HERE to download May Basket Round

You’ll Need:

  1. Printer
  2. 65 lb Card Stock Paper
  3. Ribbon, Baker’s Twine, Jute or String
  4. Hole Punch
  5. Tissue paper (optional)
  6. Popcorn
  7. Wrapped Candy
  8. Flowers

May Basket Directions copy

  1. Print the sweet violet round on 65 lb  card stock paper.
  2. Once you have your basket folded, use a hole punch to add a hole on each side
  3. Thread a ribbon through the hole, tie it off and thread through other side, tie it off to create a handle.

Fill your basket with popcorn, flowers, & wrapped goodies.

Flower prep: cut your stems short so they fit nicely in the basket. Wrap in a square of wet paper towels, then a square of plastic wrap. Cover the wrapped stems with a square of tissue paper tied with ribbon or string. This will keep the flowers from wetting the popcorn & candy.

I hope you find a moment to smile upon spring, it’s such a grand time of the year!

May Pole w cat and fairies

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