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Welcome September

There is a change in the air. I notice it in August when quiet evenings resonate with the lack of robins singing their courtly songs. Then as August nears it’s closing curtain, the breezes carry an earthy scent that brings back memories of cooler days, turning leaves, & harvests of all kinds. September is here & I for one am glad of it.

September _edited-1

Subway September

Just a few reasons why autumn is my favorite time of year!


I am blessed…I have three wonderful men in my life: a son & 2 grandsons, one 14 & the other 1 month. These 3 create a trio that I love beyond measure. My son is strong & smart, a bit of a jock & recently, he became a first-time dad. For a week I had the privilege of spending time with him, his wife, and month-old son. You see, they do not live next door or the next town over or even the next state over; they live across the US in the mountains of Colorado, his paradise on earth. One evening, I was presented a remarkable gift, one that I will treasure for as long as my memory serves me. The little one was fussy, so his dad scooped him up & danced about the living room floor, rocking him to & fro talking to him. Not to be so easily soothed, the wee babe fussed a bit louder. A few moments later, I heard from the bedroom the strains of a song my dad sang to his kids & then to his grandchildren…I Grew up

Next on the repertoire was “Mairzy dotes & does eat oats & little lambs eat ivy. A kid’ll eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?” My mom sang that song while rocking a baby, while baking cookies, while ironing. It’s one of the songs I associate with her & always smile when I hear it or think of it. Hearing my son sing these treasured tunes was like my mom & dad were right there with us, smiling & nodding their heads to the soft beat.

You can hear True Blue Bill in original form HERE  Listen to The Pied Pipers (1944) sing Mairzy Dotes HERE

We had a wonderful time in Colorado, a road trip that has been added to the annals of fun, fascinating vacations.

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The Flower Gathering Junk Journal kits, 1 & 2, have been removed from the blog after a few months offered for free. You can find the kits on Studio on the Corner Etsy shop.

Not far behind apple picking, cooler days, & falling leaves comes Halloween, a favorite time of of year. It’s been fun working on crazy things to decorate the home & create a haunting of a good time party. You’ve all ready heard about Hecate’s Apothecary tags, but soon you’ll find The Witching Hour Halloween Banner, fun Bone Bags for stowing treats, & more. 0830171610_HDR Before I list digital creations I put them together to see if something needs tweaking & figure out how to write the PDF (directions) that accompanies each listing. The Witching Hour Halloween banner is not quite ready for prime time…yet.


By printing & putting together the bone bags I discovered that a plain white inside is boring. Why not jazz it up? First I glued a paper to the inside, but then thought why not create a paper for the bags. All you have to do is print the pattern on standard print paper, flip it over & print the bone bag on the other side. Now to make the pattern paper…

There will be more Halloween goodies in the next week…more tags, favor bags for kids, & who knows what else.

That’s it for today! May your September be glorious & filled with the breathings of autumn.

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PS…Did you know that each of the new SotC listings includes a little something extra?



May Day Celebration

May Day Image w Fairy
Hanging a May Basket on the Door  Clara Burd (1873-1933)

The neighborhood where I grew up had great fun delivering May baskets on May Day. After school we set to work, either weaving baskets from construction paper or turning cottage cheese containers, strawberry baskets, or whatever we could find into baskets. The spring flowers in my mother’s garden were picked, violets plucked from the yard, & blooming shrubs gave up branches for our May Day offerings. Mom popped corn & someone would scurry up town to buy wrapped candies, usually Hershey minis or something similar. Once the baskets were put together, off we’d go to hang them on the door knobs of neighbors, knock loudly, & run laughing so the receiver would not discover who made the delivery. It was such fun.

My sister & I continued the tradition with our children, delivering May baskets to unsuspecting friends & relatives. Then, I opened a little flower & herb shop on the farm where I lived. Now I had the chance to dive whole-heartedly into the tradition I loved so well with a May Day Celebration. A May pole was erected outside the shop with ribbons flowing in the wind & a circlet of flowers crowning the top. Fairies came to visit, flower & herb plants were sold, classes were held, while visitors munched on fairy cakes & Mai bowle.  Celebrating Earth’s renewal with ancient symbolism & history satisfied me to the core.

May Day Image 2 copy_edited-1

Why not surprise a special someone with a May basket today? Just download the 8 inch circle image & follow the directions.

May Basket Violets_edited-1

Click HERE to download May Basket Round

You’ll Need:

  1. Printer
  2. 65 lb Card Stock Paper
  3. Ribbon, Baker’s Twine, Jute or String
  4. Hole Punch
  5. Tissue paper (optional)
  6. Popcorn
  7. Wrapped Candy
  8. Flowers

May Basket Directions copy

  1. Print the sweet violet round on 65 lb  card stock paper.
  2. Once you have your basket folded, use a hole punch to add a hole on each side
  3. Thread a ribbon through the hole, tie it off and thread through other side, tie it off to create a handle.

Fill your basket with popcorn, flowers, & wrapped goodies.

Flower prep: cut your stems short so they fit nicely in the basket. Wrap in a square of wet paper towels, then a square of plastic wrap. Cover the wrapped stems with a square of tissue paper tied with ribbon or string. This will keep the flowers from wetting the popcorn & candy.

I hope you find a moment to smile upon spring, it’s such a grand time of the year!

May Pole w cat and fairies

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FAMILY, Freebies

Something New

Oh my so much is going on! Easter is just a few days away, there’s a shower on the  horizon & I’m working on a special little project for a special little someone. I don’t want to give too much away because you just never know who’s visiting Studio on the Corner.

Baby Hugging Mommy

The above image is from a 1916 baby book. The little book is filled with wonderful images of babies & beautiful borders along with tidbits of information about my children’s grandfather. This little book seems to me a treasure & as charming reason why not to toss out the ephemera of the past. Reading about growth & baby’s needs was, as I’ve said before, a way of reaching across time. Sadly, my son never knew his grandfather so perhaps this little book will give him some insight into his grandpa.


Using these enchanting images in my project for the next generation has been an exciting, sometimes emotional journey. And yes….I’m going to be mimi again in a few months & I’m over the moon!

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Freebies Type

You were promised a freebie this week & here comes A Touch of the 20s journal cards. Each card measures 4-inches x 6-inches with a 1920s vibe. You’ll find 6 all together, but only 3 are pictured. The cards comes as JPGs & PDFs so you can add text to them or if you prefer, just get out your favorite pen & handwrite on the vintage-inspired journal cards.

Journal Cards blog Image

Just click…  A Touch of the 20s a popup window will appear & away you’ll go.

If you’re wondering what to do with a 4×6-inch journal card, how about….

  1. Use them for menus at fancy dinners or just for fun
  2. Place them in art or junk journals
  3. Write a lovely note to a friend or family member, insert into an envelope & whoooaaa place a stamp on it & mail it!
  4. Use one as an invitation to a party
  5. Attach one to your social media header/banner & write updates on it. Don’t forget to duplicate so you can change it up as often as you like.

Time is closing in for me to finish up the project, so I must be off. By the way…I’ll be sharing the entire project in May. I hope you’ll stop back & check it out then. In the meantime….have a fabulous day!

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