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Yesterday’s Child, a Dream

Do you mind if I do a bit of a free thought writing? I’m thinking about opening another Etsy shop. Creating something new from old, often long-forgotten images brings me contentment & joy. I don’t know why exactly, but it does. Getting back to Etsy shops…Studio on the Corner leans toward more adult type images & themes, which I truly enjoy, but I have hundreds of child-like images just waiting in the wings to be called on to the stage. From old books in my possession to found images there are the sweetest, funniest images imaginable.


That’s how many images sit waiting to be used within the folder marked CHILDREN!

There are silly images

Toad Car

A frog driving a frog car!

There are classic images…


Yes, Beatrix Potter’s original images are now in the public domain so it’s ok if Mrs. Tiggy Winkle holds court on a tag or card.

A few sad images are in the folder…


Poor little dog with his feet chewed up.

Fantastical images…


Where the salt & pepper shakers are children!

Images for boys….


And images of girls..


And I haven’t begun to tell you about the books on my shelves filled with wonderful pictures just waiting to be scanned in & added to my precious collection. Sooo….what to do?

You may notice all these images have something in common. You’ll find no Disney characters or the crazy storylines of precocious kids. These are images that yesterday’s child read about in books & very old magazines, the first of their kind for wee readers. I wonder if any of this would even appeal to today’s very busy, techno savvy child? Is there a place for quiet moments with simple lined images, soft from age colors, & the simpler things life has to offer? I just don’t know.

I do know that if I decide to open a second shop, I’ll do it differently. The shop will have a nice selection of printables including greeting cards, gift tags, prints to frame, party elements & decor before turning on the light. I also know that this will not happen before heading to England in May or in the next couple months. This will take some time, if it happens at all.  I’d love go hear your input, ideas, or maybe just something you’d like to see in a vintage shop geared toward children.

If & when Yesterday’s Child becomes a reality, you’ll be one of the first to know!

Tulip Border copy

A few new listings are in Studio on the Corner Etsy Shop.  The three listings, papers, recipe cards, & tabbed dividers for recipe boxes are all about French Country or Provencal inspired with colorful roosters & bits & pieces of French ephemera & iconic images like sunflowers & fleur de lis. Stop in & take a peek.

maison de ferme image for blog

Take a closer at the recipe cards, tabbed dividers, & also papers at the following links:

Maison de Ferme Papers

Maison de Ferme Tabbed Dividers

Maison de Ferme Recipe Cards 

Have a fantastic weekend & may you have sunny skies & no snow!

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Freebies, tutorials

Step by Step: Adding Text at

The first of several tutorials is ready to share! Just a word about One day my sister called to ask me if I knew that PicMonkey was no longer free… I didn’t. She also wanted to know if I knew of another site like PicMonkey…  I didn’t. So I set about to find a new free photo/design editor online…I did. I really like befunky, in fact, I think I like it more than I did PicMonkey.  Also, using Adobe Reader for adding text can be a bit of a challenge at times so why not simplify & go the befunky route?

You have a couple options for this tutorial.  You can download the PDF tutorial or read it & follow it from SotC blog.  So if you’re game to give befunky a try on printables like tags, labels, recipe cards, greeting cards, just follow the Step by Step tutorial.

Click HERE to be whisked off to

Download the Step by Step PDF tutorial, Adding Text at  HERE

OR….. just use the tutorial below.

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 2

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 3

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 4

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 5

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 6

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 7

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 8

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 9

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page10

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 11

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 12

befunky tutorial pin copy

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Oh to be in England

Oh to be in England

Hmmmm….I may not be in England in April but I will be in England in May! Yep, I’m off to merry olde England in early May with my dear friend, MJ. We’re going to fly to Heathrow, rent a car & drive on the other side of the road. What an adventure that will be for 2 ladies in their 60s.  WOW!!!!

First stop….. The world of Beatrix Potter!

Peter Rabbit 1

Walking the paths one of my favorite women walked, seeing her home, & enjoying a picnic with author & watercolorist, Susan Branch, will be a dream come true! Beatrix Potter’s home, Hill Top, is in the Lake District in the northern part of England. From there we’ll work our way south.


The Cotswolds

A long time ago I visited Greenfield Village outside of Detroit. There was the most charming cottage & rustic fence enclosing sheep & lambs. I fell in love with the little stone house with the sign that said, Cotswold Cottage. I often wondered what the Cotswolds in England were like….well soon I’ll know.  The land of quaint villages, sheep, and walking paths;

Two Lambs butting heads


Bath & London

Next, we’re off to Bath & all the sites that surround it like Glastonbury, Salisbury Cathedral, & Stonehenge. There’s just so much to see & so little time.

OH NO! We’ll be in London on the day that Prince Harry & Meghan Markle wed. The most important destination for the day is the Tower of London. Why? Because that very day is the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution. It’s a somewhat important day to me. I’ve  been reading, studying, & researching the life & times of Anne Boleyn since I was 12 years old. She has remained one of my heroines my entire life. I would love to leave a tiny remembrance, a note with a falcon on it tied to a rose.  My eyes well up with tears just thinking about it.

Our last few days will be spent in the countryside of Kent, south of London. It’s going to be a gentle whirlwind of activity because I dislike vacations where I have to go, go, go…I want quiet, down time for sipping tea & nibbling on a scone or crumpet. Time to just sit & soak in the history of a place.  Time to let the senses take over & enjoy the tastes, sounds, smells, sights & how it all feels.  A lifetime wouldn’t be enough time to see every castle, every garden, every museum, path, or touristy attraction that a place has to offer, so I am very content to accept this & take my time on the things that I can do & love.

Julia Cameron Quote


From Julia Cameron’s books I gleaned the idea of refilling the inner well. Sadly, in the last few years I’ve not been refilling the well with any consistency. This trip is not just a dipper full of inspiration, it’s an ocean of inspiration, wide & deep, vast. It’s exciting, scary (I am a white-knuckled flyer, not terribly happy to be above the earth & let’s face it; driving on the opposite the road & beginning in a place like Heathrow is more than a bit disconcerting), adventurous, & amazing. As a creative, taking this trip is something much needed for so many reasons, but I hope to come home renewed, refreshed, inspired & ready to tell the world through my work & creations just how wonderful I found England.

I keep wondering if I could possibly do a blog post from England….not sure. I guess if you’re curious, you’ll just have to stop by & see.

PS I’m working on a bevy of tutorials or what I like to call them, Step by Steps. I’m hoping these tutorials will be helpful to you.

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