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Old Stuff

Did you know today, Friday March 2nd is Old Stuff Day?  It’s no secret that I like old stuff! Heck I am kind of old stuff, too. Anyhow let’s talk about old stuff because it’s a good topic with more themes than Carter’s got liver pills. SotC b&w teacup and saucer

I have no idea what draws some people to old stuff. The desire to collect old stuff & admire it, use it or upcycle remains a mystery to me. I am one of those people though. Time-worn & well-loved everyday things from the past soothes my soul. A continuing question & answer dialog happens in my head when I see something of interest to me. How did this card of sweet buttons end up in a second hand shop? What did the lady who stitched this quilt look like? Did she enjoy sewing? Was quilting just another drudgery, a chance to socialize, or was it artistic expression? Perhaps it was some of each.

SotC SunburstWho’s bed did the quilt cover? How much of life’s moments happened beneath this quilt? The pillow talk of newly weds who received the quilt as a wedding gift, gleeful laughs of children jumping on the quilt-covered bed, the last breath of a loved one.  The story of our lives are told through the common items we use everyday. I’ll be honest, when I don’t know the story, I invent one.

SotC Goose in Bonnet 1913.png

Old stuff can be anything from a Big Chief tablet  to a medieval castle. From the most simple every day item to dreamy elegance. I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with what you love, what inspires you, brings contentment & a feeling of security. For me it’s something with age to it.

Some of the plainest things from the past are the ephemera that is usually tossed away, but there’s such beauty in an old hand-written letter. A receipt tells a marvelous story of the price of pigs in 1880.  Calling cards, trade cards, postcards, silly or fine, give us a peak  into the trends of the day.  SotC Clockface.png

Then, there’s what we do with these old things today that really counts. Storage becomes an old canning jar, galvanized bucket, or crock. a child’s frilly lace  underskirt becomes a decorative addition to a bedroom, that crazy metal alarm clock looks so 1930s on a nightstand. Ephemera & illustrations from old books are reborn as tags, cards, labels, boxes, bags, you name it….

It’s a wonderful world of old stuff that is much more fascinating than the new stuff, at least in my very humble opinion.  I love the idea that something forgotten in a box, like an old children’s book long out of print, becomes something new & shiny. The work of authors & illustrators languishing in the dust for the past is seen again in a new light. I hear the whispers now from those who have gone before & they are delighting in the new found in old stuff.

Tulip Border copy

I have some old stuff to share with you. The images used (except for the divider above) plus more are part of an Old Stuff freebie package. Most of the images are in PNG format & the cute duck in a bonnet is a JPG.  Use this old stuff to create, tags, labels, or whatever printable makes your heart sing. You can also use them in digital designs on your blog, your website or however you wish. I do ask that you do not giveaway the PNG images, but instead link back to Studio on the Corner blog to share the package.  Thanks so much, you’re the best!

Just click the following link:    Old Stuff Freebies

It’s a fair size zipped folder so give it time to download. Enjoy!

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I am Vintage

vintage definition_edited-1I am vintage! I’m 63 years old, mimi to 2 adorable grandsons one 14 and the other 6 months. I’m frayed around the edges, a bit worn & at times as fragile as the French letter below that a friend allowed me to post image 2-8

I’ve become the simple things that I’ve adored since I was 12 or 13…old, time-worn things that show their age, that have a certain patina that softly shines from deep within, a chippy, cracked skin, & slightly faded color. I’ve always liked wrinkles & tatters, spots & a yellow/brown hue that claims time has passed. I don’t mind dusty, musty smells that emanate from old books & lovely ephemera from bygone eras. Yet, when I think of myself as vintage, I’m not convinced it’s a wonderful thing.

BUT…learning something new delights me beyond measure. I’m up for new experiences & I like talking with the younger set. I’m learning so many things from those crazy millennials & generation xers.  They have alot of social media savvy & techno knowledge to share with this boomer. If you’re gonna run with the still fleet-footed you better wear good shoes & be ready to open your mind.

Whewwww….glad I got that off my chest!

Tulip Border copy

Studio on the Corner Etsy shop is going through some growing pains. It’s good, don’t you think? Businesses, large & super tiny, need to change, revamp, catch up, & move forward. That’s what’s going on with SotC…a little of each from that list.

There are new valentines listed…cute vintage (there’s that word) clowns extracted from old post cards that were sent in the early years of the 1900s.

blog Image 3

Did you know that when I create something I use bits & pieces from lots of different images? The borders on the Funny Clown Valentines are from an old John Martin magazine that I have. I just scan, extract the borders, recolor them & add them to the card or tag that I’m working on. The backgrounds are often from old books & papers that I have scanned. The back of this valentine can become the FROM part of the valentine and began as just that on an old valentine from the 1930s. Extracting images can be time intensive, but so worth it. I love the idea that I’m taking something old, that lay forgotten in an old cigar box for many years & woke it up with a new look & fun use.

You can find these totes adorbs clowns along with others at Studio on the Corner Etsy shop.

I’m so glad you stopped by….I hope you’re staying warm & cozy if you live in one of the wintery cold places in the world. Have a fantastic day & we’ll talk soon!

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If you’ve stopped by for a peek to see if there’s anything new, you discovered that there’s nothin’ but crickets chirping in the quiet. I’m rushing around for a super busy weekend & finishing up the project.

I just wanted you to know that I’ve not forgotten you & I’ll be back next week with so much to talk about, a few photos, & a freebie, too!

In the meantime…. stop & sniff the lilacs, enjoy the spring that’s bursting out all over, & have a fabulous weekend!

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