Holiday Thoughts

Wow! How are you? Life is good here in my corner of the world even though it’s ever evolving. Don’t ask me why or how but I woke up Monday morning more determined than ever to make things happen. You know what? It’s all up to us, each of us to decide the path we wish to travel. Sure, crummy things happen, but we can choose to get up, dust off the hiney & get back to it. On the other hand, we can choose to stay put, give up & see where that attitude gets us…probably not too far down the road. Anyhow, I’ve got lots on my plate right now & I’m happy to have each & every morsel.

Halloween Typography

Halloween was Saturday here in nw Ohio. My grandson & I joined some other family members for good food, good company, & lots of ghouls & goblins stopping by for treats. Because today is Halloween let’s have one last Halloween freebie to use on your scrapbook pages or next years decorations.

Skeleton Key Pin copy

Just click HERE to download the key for your digital scrapbooking needs & paper crafts of all kinds.

Transitioning in to the next phase of the year is just wild! I’m a firm believer in Thanksgiving. It’s too often relegated to “that holiday that comes after Halloween & before the December holidays: Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or whatever special day you celebrate. Anyhow….it’s a rush to get it all together & then a daily push to keep the momentum going. I hate to tell you this, but I’m all ready tired of Christmas music.  I’ve been listening to carols & fun holiday tunes for some time now. The familiar strains get me into the holiday mode so I can work on designs.

Good thing I have always adored the holidays… decorating, baking, even shopping for gifts for loved ones. Here’s a tidbit about me…I do not like shopping. My suggestion for humbug shoppers like me: make a great list, go in, get what you need, and get out while you can! On the other hand I have a sister & a good friend who love to shop & can & will spend entire day shopping for one thing. I am not often invited on these day-long excursions & that’s ok with me. *HUGE SMILE* Reminder to self: share pillow story  


Here’s a few things I’ve been working on that will soon be in Studio on the Corner Etsy shop.

Image for Blog post 10-31

Papers, tags, stationery to write a letter to your child from Santa (official stationery of course) & so much more.  I have loads of ideas, but not the time to bring all my ideas to fruition. Here’s an example: I wanted to make another advent calendar using boxes. After brainstorming with my sister & her husband I realized it was a project that I need to tuck away for next year.

So that’s where I am right now, today…looking out at the gloomy sky while I design & dream. I hope you have a most fantastic day!


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A Quick Note

So much happening around here with my sister & her hubby visiting from Montana. I cannot begin to tell you what a joy it’s been. Betwixt & between I’ve been able to get an extraction done sans Quicktime. I’m hoping to figure it out soon. I may have some news to share in the coming weeks…we shall see.

What I do have is a fun extracted image for you! Here’s the original:


I’ve  had this image for awhile & I do not recall where I got it, but I believe it’s an image of a 1920s child’s costume. Check out those wings!

Here’s the image extracted from the background:

SotC Week #3 Extraction.png

Download the PNG image HERE


And here’s an image with a few ideas for using this PNG (no background) cutie!

Pinterest Pin Extraction No 3 copy

I will be back next week my well refilled & ready to share.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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New Beginnings

Have you ever had that moment when you knew this is a. . .

New beginning aligned right_edited-1




Since before journeying to England in May things have been swirling in a mad dance of changes. One thing led into the next, one event piled upon another. Get ready for England, travel to England, my daughter & grandson’s big move to the city, a home to reorganize for one, please, a momentous first birthday party for grandson No. 2, the annual 127 Garage Sale & today, Monday August 6th I awake with no big celebrations or occasions awaiting my attention. The moving out & in is over, the paint put away, for now, & nothing left but time to make it happen. Finally I feel like I’m starting a new life in earnest.

How I experience these years is up to me, but one thing I know for sure is that Studio on the Corner must take precedence. Building my little business, growing, thriving & making it my life is not only a dire need, but one that I very much desire. And by the way, nothing pushes like a genuine need & fear of the consequences of not rising to the occasion. Creating printables from old, often forgotten images in the public domain brings me so much pleasure. Now, I have to find a way to convince others, many others, that these paperie bits inspired from the past will bring them joy, too.

Funny frog illustration by Arthur Morris from his amusing book written in 1897, Zig-Zag at the Zoo. 

At times it’s so quiet that I have to turn on the TV just for the noise. I’ve taken to listening to podcasts about selling on Etsy, selling digital designs & entrepreneurship just to hear another human.  I’m tempted to begin a podcast about starting over after 50 or something like that because I’ve found none that appeal to me. So I’m mostly learning from those wild gen xers & crazy millenials who run free about the world of social media. Kudos to them!

Then there’s missing my charge, grandson No.1 who I nanny-grannied for 13 sweet & sometimes trying years.  Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him & the little guy in Colorado so much my heart aches. Once upon a time I would never admit that I was lonely. I have no problem saying it now, I get lonely, but I don’t believe there’s a soul on earth who hasn’t been lonely at some point in life. What always cuts through the missing you & lonely moments is working on my mac, creating, tweaking, or searching. You know you love something when you lose all track of time & space while in its presence.

August 5 quote copy

I’m so glad brilliant people write hit-the-mark prose that can be used by we lowly mortals for aspirational guides. CS Lewis’ quote does just that. He makes me believe that no matter how old I am I too can have goals & dreams, while the dreams are there it’s the goals that I am working towards. I’ve set goals like: How many sales do I need a month, a week, each day? I did not choose a random number…I chose an achievable number needed to create a happy life for myself.


Can you guess the number? “Ten,” you say. Well you would be correct. Out of all the millions, nay billions, of people on this planet I only need to convince 10 each day to purchase something from my little shop, Studio on the Corner. Sounds like a snap, right? Not so…it’s much more difficult to be found on this frenzy of internet shops & businesses than you can imagine. So I’m going the shameless route & hit social media, pin like a mad woman, post on Instagram & share what, why & how I create. Oh by the way you can expect an increase in blog posts. I hope that’s ok with you.

This is where I am right now, today. It’s a new start, a new beginning & while we say good-bye to yesterday, let’s embrace & enjoy today while setting goals, planning & sneaking in a dream or 2 for the days to come.


There’s a couple new listings in Studio on the Corner Etsy shop…The Ginger Piggery package is coming together slowly, but the invitation & a favor bag are listed. I just love the happy pigs that live in the world of Ginger Piggery & I hope you will, too.

Ginger Piggery invite etsy image for blogGinger Piggery Invitation

Ginger Piggery Favor Bags

Gionger Piggery Cookie Bags w texture

Look for another post on Wednesday. I’m thinking a peak into what my transformed bedroom area is turning into might be the ticket. I’ll continue off & on with stories from England, too because reliving that trip is so darn wonderful. Also, I mentioned tutorials in previous posts & you’ll be seeing a few of those along with freebies from time to time. I am so ready to dive into this head first & swim like crazy to reach that goal!

The Cat in the Bowler Hat, the mini poodle, Winston & Miss Adventure along with me

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all wish you a fantastic day!