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I want to make it as easy possible for you to be as creative as possible when you use a Studio on the Corner printable. Just peek around the corner & guess what you’ll see?  A glimpse of upcoming holidays. If you’re going to be ready it’s time to start on some of those holiday projects that add a bit of fun & style to your festivities. First let me share a few plans in the making.

A Class! Yes I’m going to hold a class & if you live in the area of NW Ohio, you’re invited. The class is for anyone who wants to learn how to use digitals & printables. Afterall, SotC printables begin as digitals. So we’ll take you step by step through the process from downloading to creating. It will be a basic class with a promise of concise clarity. Nothing irritates me more than taking a class, live or online & having to listen to 15 minutes of drivel. Sorry, but I’m a get-to-the-heart-of-the-matter-sooner-rather-than-later kind of person. Stay tuned for the details.

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I’ve been a bit hesitant to do a tutorial about adding text in Adobe Reader. Why? Because I didn’t feel confident enough to share what little knowledge I have. In the past year or so I’ve researched, practiced, & finally think I understand the Adobe Acrobat programs much better. I can’t claim to be a pro at it nor do I claim that I know all there is to know about Reader but I’m ready to share the knowledge I have acquired.

I do want to let you know & this is my opinion only, but I  believe there are much better ways to add text to printables than in Adobe Reader, however the program is convenient (add text & print from Adobe Reader) & fairly fast once you know how to do it. By the way, Adobe Reader is free to download, so go ahead & download the latest version.  Just click ADOBE READER to be taken to the page that will get you started.

Adding text in Adobe Reader does not allow you to be creative. You cannot choose what font to use, what color you want your font to be, the size of the font or even the alignment. The creator of the PDF does all that for you, which makes it again, a convenient route to take especially if you don’t want to make decisions. Now that I have that little disclaimer out of the way, Here’s the tutorial. Yes, it’s a PDF to download.

All you need to do is hit the following bit of text:


This link will be on the Step by Step page along with the tutorial on Adding Text in befunky.com. As I write more tutorials, this is the page that will house them. So any time you want, just check out the Step by Step page to see if you’ve missed a new tutorial post.

Just want to read the tutorial right here?  Well then… read on my friend.

Adding Text in Adobe Reader 1

Adding Text in Adobe Reader 2

Adding Text in Adobe Reader 3

You will not see the highlights after the PDF is saved and/or printed. The links in the above tutorial images are not clickable, but you’ll find them in the paragraphs preceding the tutorial.

One of the best ways to learn a program, any program, is by opening it up & messin’ around with it. Click on everything, open drop down menus & learn where things are in the program. The more you use it the easier it will be to use when you want or need to.

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Studio on the Corner Etsy Shop will have a new listing this afternoon, Halloween recipe cards Witch’s Brew:  Four cards with different images on 2 sheets & a sheet of plain cards to print on the back, if you wish. The cards are 4 in x 6 in & text editable. I’ll add the link once the cards are listed.

Witches Brew Etsy Image 1

That should do it for today…hope you have the most marvelous weekend!

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Step by Step: Adding Text at befunky.com

The first of several tutorials is ready to share! Just a word about befunky.com. One day my sister called to ask me if I knew that PicMonkey was no longer free… I didn’t. She also wanted to know if I knew of another site like PicMonkey…  I didn’t. So I set about to find a new free photo/design editor online…I did. I really like befunky, in fact, I think I like it more than I did PicMonkey.  Also, using Adobe Reader for adding text can be a bit of a challenge at times so why not simplify & go the befunky route?

You have a couple options for this tutorial.  You can download the PDF tutorial or read it & follow it from SotC blog.  So if you’re game to give befunky a try on printables like tags, labels, recipe cards, greeting cards, just follow the Step by Step tutorial.

Click HERE to be whisked off to befunky.com

Download the Step by Step PDF tutorial, Adding Text at befunky.com  HERE

OR….. just use the tutorial below.

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 2

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 3

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 4

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 5

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 6

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 7

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 8

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 9

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page10

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 11

Step by Step Adding Text at befunky page 12

befunky tutorial pin copy

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Helpful Hints

It’s been a long while, folks. Let’s just say life has been busy. I often receive questions via Etsy Conversations about how to add text to PDF files. I may write an in-depth tutorial on the subject with screenshots & maybe even an audio for those who like to be in the program & hear step by step instructions, but that’s in the future. Here’s the thing…there seems to be a thousand ways to do something & it depends on what machine you’re working on, what edition it is along with what operating system you’re using. I have a Mac which runs OS X El Capitan. The latest Windows operating system is Windows 10.  You may have a Mac or PC (Windows) & it may be anything from the latest version to an older model. Besides the computer itself, you may have an older version of Acrobat Reader. I urge you to update. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free to download & use. Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader for Macs HERE

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 9.54.04 AM

The following link allows you to choose your version of Windows & then download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click FOR WINDOWS

With all these variables, it’s hard to create a one size fits all tutorial when things change at the speed of light in the digital world. Although, there’s a difference in the two operating systems & how they perform tasks, lucky for you, there are loads of good videos & tutorials online. Here’s one video that I found easy to follow:

Add Text in Adobe Acrobat Reader Video

When seeking tutorials and/or videos be sure the content is updated to the newest version of Reader.

I have discovered over the years of learning these crazy, wonderful programs that it pays to play. Get in there & click buttons, see what they do,  Word of caution, be sure to save an original file. So before playing around with the various tools in Acrobat Reader or any program, copy & paste a new file into your folder.  Use the copied file to play with.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 10.50.53 AM

I added the text… To:   Sally Doe to this tag from The Cries of London Tags. (In case you’re wondering, the tag is shaded to show the highlighted area where text can be added. This is a screenshot taken in Acrobat Reader just after I added the text)

I hope these helpful hints gives you some insight into learning or using Acrobat Reader.

Need some quick cute gifts tags for your Christmas packages?

Jolly Old St Nick Tag image 5 The Jolly Olde St Nicholas tags are 2×2 inches when folded. Just punch in a hole, thread a ribbon through, & tie to your gifts. All the images on the tags came from an early 1900s type specimen book.  Aren’t they wonderful?  Formatted as JPGs & PDFs for easy printing & adding a bit of text.

I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas anticipation. Have a wonderful evening!

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