Oh to be in England

Oh to be in England

Hmmmm….I may not be in England in April but I will be in England in May! Yep, I’m off to merry olde England in early May with my dear friend, MJ. We’re going to fly to Heathrow, rent a car & drive on the other side of the road. What an adventure that will be for 2 ladies in their 60s.  WOW!!!!

First stop….. The world of Beatrix Potter!

Peter Rabbit 1

Walking the paths one of my favorite women walked, seeing her home, & enjoying a picnic with author & watercolorist, Susan Branch, will be a dream come true! Beatrix Potter’s home, Hill Top, is in the Lake District in the northern part of England. From there we’ll work our way south.


The Cotswolds

A long time ago I visited Greenfield Village outside of Detroit. There was the most charming cottage & rustic fence enclosing sheep & lambs. I fell in love with the little stone house with the sign that said, Cotswold Cottage. I often wondered what the Cotswolds in England were like….well soon I’ll know.  The land of quaint villages, sheep, and walking paths;

Two Lambs butting heads


Bath & London

Next, we’re off to Bath & all the sites that surround it like Glastonbury, Salisbury Cathedral, & Stonehenge. There’s just so much to see & so little time.

OH NO! We’ll be in London on the day that Prince Harry & Meghan Markle wed. The most important destination for the day is the Tower of London. Why? Because that very day is the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution. It’s a somewhat important day to me. I’ve  been reading, studying, & researching the life & times of Anne Boleyn since I was 12 years old. She has remained one of my heroines my entire life. I would love to leave a tiny remembrance, a note with a falcon on it tied to a rose.  My eyes well up with tears just thinking about it.

Our last few days will be spent in the countryside of Kent, south of London. It’s going to be a gentle whirlwind of activity because I dislike vacations where I have to go, go, go…I want quiet, down time for sipping tea & nibbling on a scone or crumpet. Time to just sit & soak in the history of a place.  Time to let the senses take over & enjoy the tastes, sounds, smells, sights & how it all feels.  A lifetime wouldn’t be enough time to see every castle, every garden, every museum, path, or touristy attraction that a place has to offer, so I am very content to accept this & take my time on the things that I can do & love.

Julia Cameron Quote


From Julia Cameron’s books I gleaned the idea of refilling the inner well. Sadly, in the last few years I’ve not been refilling the well with any consistency. This trip is not just a dipper full of inspiration, it’s an ocean of inspiration, wide & deep, vast. It’s exciting, scary (I am a white-knuckled flyer, not terribly happy to be above the earth & let’s face it; driving on the opposite the road & beginning in a place like Heathrow is more than a bit disconcerting), adventurous, & amazing. As a creative, taking this trip is something much needed for so many reasons, but I hope to come home renewed, refreshed, inspired & ready to tell the world through my work & creations just how wonderful I found England.

I keep wondering if I could possibly do a blog post from England….not sure. I guess if you’re curious, you’ll just have to stop by & see.

PS I’m working on a bevy of tutorials or what I like to call them, Step by Steps. I’m hoping these tutorials will be helpful to you.

My Printed Signature

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Éirinn go Brách

Irish Welcome

Wishing everyone an Irish welcome to Studio on the Corner! Tomorrow we’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s day with Steak & Guiness pie, a sumptuous meat pie rich with gravy & good things that make your lips smack in appreciation. I discovered a shortbread cookie recipe a few years ago that has become a tradition. The recipe is super simple & uses a lot of Kerrygold butter.

Shortbead Cookie
Image Source:

My cookies look similar to the ones above. I use an old cookie cuter that makes the scalloped edge.  A pecan or almond  is pressed into the center of the cookie. This year I’m going to look for turbinado sugar to sprinkle on top. So good!

It’s good to have a wee bit of the Irish runnin’ in my veins, but it’s even better on St. Patrick’s day!

Tulip Border copy

The Easter bunny will be hopping this way soon. I have 3 old postcards for you to download.  SotC Children & Chicks Postcard

They’ve been tweaked a bit to restore some color & brightness.

SotC Children w Bunnies Postcard

Each postcard shows children with spring animals.  So sweet!

SotC Children w Lamb Postcard

The first 2 postcards are in JPG format, the third is a PNG. You can use them as is or extract the bits that you don’t want. Print or create something new from something old. The lamb & children is my favorite postcard.


You can simply right click on each image & then select SAVE IMAGE AS or… you can click on the linked words below to download the zipped folder:

Old Easter Postcards

Don’t forget in order to access the files inside you must unzip the folder first. Need help? Just click on the link that pertains to you:

For Windows
For Macs 

That’s it for today….short & sweet.

Yeats Quote

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International Womens Day

Almost every woman I’ve ever known was a creator, an artist fashioning wonderful somethings from all sorts of mediums.

My mother loved sewing & quilting. She would gather fabrics, carefully trace patterns on to the material, cut the shapes out & sew them together before sewing the entire quilt to frames to hand stitch flourishes & lovely patterns. She was an artist. Mouse w thread & scissors 2

Sewing Quote .png

Divider for Blog

People who paint with oils, acrylics, or watercolors have my admiration & one artist that truly amazes me is my niece, Emily. With paints & canvas she brings ballerinas & beautiful women to life.  You really must see her art to appreciate it…it’s just so stunning. Take a look at Emily’s art HERE.


My daughter has a way with words that truly makes me wonder why she isn’t a published author. Yeah, I’m a biased, but she’s wordsmith that doesn’t seem to think she’s all that good. I am a flowery writer & my inspiration comes from classic authors like Jane Austen, the Brontes, & the ever so flowery, omniscient point of view Victorians, while her writing is raw, authentic & often injected with subtle humor. Her creativity with words serves her well in the marketing field, but I think there’s a book or 3 in her.


Every woman I know is creative in one way or another not always taking the form of the obvious.  Life tosses us situations that require original solutions & women have been taking up the challenge in inventive, colorful ways.  Warmth is a basic need, but why not make it vibrant with intricate patterns created with other women. One of the necessities of life is a roof over our heads, but let’s hang art on the walls that makes us feel. Reading & writing adds so much to our lives, where would we be without these skills? Why not write with flair & share our words? Woman & creativity….we’ve always been & we’ll always be!

The Studio on the Corner has a new set of recipe cards just in time for Easter. Like the images on this post, the adorable bunnies & chick all began life in books from the late 1800s & early 1900s.

I’m going to share a secret with you…starting in 2017 SotC has been adding a little something extra in each listing. I’m not going to tell you what those little secrets are, but I’m pretty sure Do-It-Yourselfers out there would enjoy them. You can find the recipe cards along with some charming Easter tags to hang on baskets & gifts at Studio on the Corner Etsy shop.

Stop by back next week for an Easter freebie!  I think you’ll like it, alot!