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Of Teacups, Ideas, & Zero

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What a wonderful quote by Ray Bradbury & it’s so true. Many times after accomplishing something I’m proud, I fall into a malaise.  I just can’t seem to get the teapot to tip it’s wonderful contents out into the world.

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There’s  no lack of inspiration & oh how the ideas bubble up in my head:

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Yes, it’s been busy around here and nothing much to show for it…yet. Life is like that sometimes. Bogged down in our heads, routines, & insecurities we spin the tires & forward motion comes to a halt. One of these days something will flick on,

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like a lightbulb. In a creative frenzy all those ideas will come to fruition & look fabulous on the workspace.  Eventually, listings will once again be the talk of the blog.




In case you were wondering, yes the stacked teacups are my own drawings decorated with snippets of old images & tweaked as only a digital artist can.

Hope you’re enjoying your day whether it’s sunny summer or down under winter, it’s all simply wonderful!

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