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Oh my so much is going on! Easter is just a few days away, there’s a shower on the  horizon & I’m working on a special little project for a special little someone. I don’t want to give too much away because you just never know who’s visiting Studio on the Corner.

Baby Hugging Mommy

The above image is from a 1916 baby book. The little book is filled with wonderful images of babies & beautiful borders along with tidbits of information about my children’s grandfather. This little book seems to me a treasure & as charming reason why not to toss out the ephemera of the past. Reading about growth & baby’s needs was, as I’ve said before, a way of reaching across time. Sadly, my son never knew his grandfather so perhaps this little book will give him some insight into his grandpa.


Using these enchanting images in my project for the next generation has been an exciting, sometimes emotional journey. And yes….I’m going to be mimi again in a few months & I’m over the moon!

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Freebies Type

You were promised a freebie this week & here comes A Touch of the 20s journal cards. Each card measures 4-inches x 6-inches with a 1920s vibe. You’ll find 6 all together, but only 3 are pictured. The cards comes as JPGs & PDFs so you can add text to them or if you prefer, just get out your favorite pen & handwrite on the vintage-inspired journal cards.

Journal Cards blog Image

Just click…  A Touch of the 20s a popup window will appear & away you’ll go.

If you’re wondering what to do with a 4×6-inch journal card, how about….

  1. Use them for menus at fancy dinners or just for fun
  2. Place them in art or junk journals
  3. Write a lovely note to a friend or family member, insert into an envelope & whoooaaa place a stamp on it & mail it!
  4. Use one as an invitation to a party
  5. Attach one to your social media header/banner & write updates on it. Don’t forget to duplicate so you can change it up as often as you like.

Time is closing in for me to finish up the project, so I must be off. By the way…I’ll be sharing the entire project in May. I hope you’ll stop back & check it out then. In the meantime….have a fabulous day!

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