Holiday Thoughts

Wow! How are you? Life is good here in my corner of the world even though it’s ever evolving. Don’t ask me why or how but I woke up Monday morning more determined than ever to make things happen. You know what? It’s all up to us, each of us to decide the path we wish to travel. Sure, crummy things happen, but we can choose to get up, dust off the hiney & get back to it. On the other hand, we can choose to stay put, give up & see where that attitude gets us…probably not too far down the road. Anyhow, I’ve got lots on my plate right now & I’m happy to have each & every morsel.

Halloween Typography

Halloween was Saturday here in nw Ohio. My grandson & I joined some other family members for good food, good company, & lots of ghouls & goblins stopping by for treats. Because today is Halloween let’s have one last Halloween freebie to use on your scrapbook pages or next years decorations.

Skeleton Key Pin copy

Just click HERE to download the key for your digital scrapbooking needs & paper crafts of all kinds.

Transitioning in to the next phase of the year is just wild! I’m a firm believer in Thanksgiving. It’s too often relegated to “that holiday that comes after Halloween & before the December holidays: Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or whatever special day you celebrate. Anyhow….it’s a rush to get it all together & then a daily push to keep the momentum going. I hate to tell you this, but I’m all ready tired of Christmas music.  I’ve been listening to carols & fun holiday tunes for some time now. The familiar strains get me into the holiday mode so I can work on designs.

Good thing I have always adored the holidays… decorating, baking, even shopping for gifts for loved ones. Here’s a tidbit about me…I do not like shopping. My suggestion for humbug shoppers like me: make a great list, go in, get what you need, and get out while you can! On the other hand I have a sister & a good friend who love to shop & can & will spend entire day shopping for one thing. I am not often invited on these day-long excursions & that’s ok with me. *HUGE SMILE* Reminder to self: share pillow story  


Here’s a few things I’ve been working on that will soon be in Studio on the Corner Etsy shop.

Image for Blog post 10-31

Papers, tags, stationery to write a letter to your child from Santa (official stationery of course) & so much more.  I have loads of ideas, but not the time to bring all my ideas to fruition. Here’s an example: I wanted to make another advent calendar using boxes. After brainstorming with my sister & her husband I realized it was a project that I need to tuck away for next year.

So that’s where I am right now, today…looking out at the gloomy sky while I design & dream. I hope you have a most fantastic day!


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A Quick Note

So much happening around here with my sister & her hubby visiting from Montana. I cannot begin to tell you what a joy it’s been. Betwixt & between I’ve been able to get an extraction done sans Quicktime. I’m hoping to figure it out soon. I may have some news to share in the coming weeks…we shall see.

What I do have is a fun extracted image for you! Here’s the original:


I’ve  had this image for awhile & I do not recall where I got it, but I believe it’s an image of a 1920s child’s costume. Check out those wings!

Here’s the image extracted from the background:

SotC Week #3 Extraction.png

Download the PNG image HERE


And here’s an image with a few ideas for using this PNG (no background) cutie!

Pinterest Pin Extraction No 3 copy

I will be back next week my well refilled & ready to share.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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There’d Be Days Like This

sept 17 blog image 1 copy

I said to myself & you as well that there would be days like this. Remember? I said I might need a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board & use this tiny place on the big, wide net as a place to vent & let it all hang out. If you want to reread what I said back in April just click HERE.  It’s not been one those days, it’s been one of those weeks, at least last week was. I was ready to throw in the towel & shout, “UNCLE!”

The blues hit & they hit bad. Nothing went right, it seemed everything I tried didn’t work. Things didn’t look right, sales weren’t coming, I lacked focus, inspiration & ideas. Self-doubt seeped into my soul. I felt like the little girl above in the adorable French illustration. A dark shadow following me. This is when a boost is needed. So I turned to someone who never fails to lift my spirits the illustrator & author Susan Branch.

I poured over her blog, susanbranch.com. She reminds me of what matters in life. . . the simple things. Finding joy in washing her treasured dishes by hand, painting a room, decorating her home as well as living her creative life is what she shares & while I may want to be envious of her success, who could possibly feel animosity or dislike of such a beautiful soul? I cannot.  She is unaware of the fact that she encourages me & probably thousands. It’s like she’s whispering in my ear, “It’s ok that you like to bake, that you love your old stuff, entertaining,  & paper crafts.” Discovering gourds on a vine that sprouted from last year’s throw aways brings a joy that she would understand. I imagine she would nod in total agreement that it’s just fine to pursue a creative life & do it your own way.” She’s not the only supportive person in my life, I have a small, but loving & understanding circle of family & friends, but sometimes you just need a quiet nudge from another place.

So this week I got back on the plane or in this case the hot air balloon. . .

sept 17 blog image 2 copy

because if I do not then well…that’s not living, it’s just existing. Thanks for listening or reading or just being where ever you are & understanding that no matter where we are on the chronological line of life we go through tough times.

SotC Divider 8

Do you love the little girl at the top? Couldn’t you use her for a paper project or to add to your digital clipart collection? She’s yours! You’ll also find a few papers that go with her, just in case you need a background.

September 18 Freebie Pin copy

“Where did she come from?” you ask. Her name is Isabelle &  came upon her quite by happenstance one day while searching for public domain images. She was created by an Italian illustrator for a French book that holds lovely stories. Isabelle’s story is Conte de Noël (Christmas Tale). Umberto Brunelleschi (1879-1949) created the charming illustrations for La Guirlande: Album de’art et De Littérature published in 1919 in Paris.

I extracted Isabelle from her background so you can use her in a multitude of ways.

SotC So Sad Isabelle

SotC Isabelle Sleeping
Isn’t she adorable sleeping?



There are also 4 papers created from various patterns in the illustrations.





Isabell paper images

Download the folder by clicking on Isabelle or click HERE!

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What’s New in the Shop

Wicked Wonderland Halloween tags are new in the shop & an 8 x 10 inch poster type image will be listed this week. It’s going to be part of my Halloween decor in my living room. (frame not included)

Apothecary Sign Mock Up copy

The border, mortar & pestle & much of the typography was extracted from old images that I’ve either scanned from old books, magazines, pamphlets, etc  or found in the public domain online. I wanted the Halloween wall art to have the look of a sign or poster that might have been found in the 1600s.  I’ll share the rest of the Halloween scene I’m creating for my living room as it’s created.

That’s it for today.  Have a grand Wednesday!

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